75 Days of Summer

I have yet to undertake a daily shooting project, but have often been inspired by the efforts of my fellow photographers. Recently, the Instagram/Facebook hashtag #100daysofsummer has caught my eye and left me thinking about a) how lazy I am and b) how private I am and, in light of those two things, am I willing to undertake a summertime photography project that will likely center around my family? And, also...c) do we really have 100 days of summer? As it turns out, we do not. In terms of vacation, we have 75. And when it comes to a frequent photography project, that is probably for the best.

I won't guarantee a daily post, though I will plan to shoot daily and I will guarantee more personal shots for the time being. In any case, I am going to give the project the old college try. We will have adventures, excitement and a lot of time on the playground. Kicking off with days 0-3. 


Summer Vacation Day 0 - Last Day of Kindergarten!

Summer Vacation Day 1 - A Boy and His Books

Summer Vacation Day 1 - Why Walk When You Can Climb?

Summer Vacation Day 1 - "I'm playing race car driver with my sister."

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Up Past Bedtime

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Not High Enough

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Because Nothing Says 40th Anniversary Like Dinner and the Playground

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Monday Morning at the Diner

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Bubbles and Superheroes

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Tree Hunters

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Ignoring Mom

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Flora & Fauna

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Hands Free

p52.3 - Perspectives - The High Bridge {week 10: layered}

The dad in our household is excellent at scouting out fun and slightly random adventures for us to go on. This weekend, we went on two. The first, seen here, is our trip to the newly reopened High Bridge, way uptown. The second, captured only on film, will have to wait.

Our theme at Who We Become this week is Layered, which seemed very appropriate when viewing the city from on high and at a distance.  Please click on over to our collection and see everyone's take this week! 

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 9: Disheveled}

Perhaps the most disheveled thing around here this week is me - we had a busy and wonderful weekend doing some celebrating in our family and I'm still recovering. But someone else got a little disheveled too, after being smothered in kisses by her favorite pup. A bath was required by the time this encounter was over.

Please head over to Who We Become to check out this week's collection.  

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 8: Textured}

There is a transition period when you see your baby turning into a child. It starts off gradually, but then becomes an avalanche. New words, new skills and a new way of interacting. Yesterday, she stood and watched a torrential downpour, fascinated, then hid in my arms in fear when the thunder rolled in. She's taking in the world and making it her own. 

Please stop in to see our "textured" collection on Who We Become this week. 

One {May 2015}

Incredibly, this month's one post is already here. What can I say, I like stripes. Please continue on to the Pacific Northwest to see what my amazing friend Krista has found this month. 

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 4: Translucent}

I went to Chicago last weekend and brought my 35mm film camera with no auto focus because I want to force myself to shoot more film/like to torment myself, as you wish. More images to come, but I liked the light shimmering through the spring trees for our translucent theme this week. Go check out Who We Become, it's such a fun collection this week!

Fujicolor Superia 800

One {April 2015}

This month's One Circle post is celebratory, for when it goes live, we will all be in the same city, in the same house, enjoying one another's company. And likely drinking some wine. 

As is wont to happen with good friends, I expect it will start off something like this:

Then begin to go a little like this:

Until we reach this:

And end the night with a bonus Still Life With Iguana, as you do. Cheers, friends! Next up, come see what our hostess Jessica has discovered this month.

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 3: Whimsical}

For our third installment of P52.3: Perspectives, the participants of Who We Become went in search of whimsy. After a week of world events that will leave the lightest heart feeling heavy, our theme feels out of touch. However, we hope that our collection of whimsical images will add a dash of light to darkened spirits. 

My images are a little out of character, but when someone asks you to come take a picture of the "magic dust" floating in his curtain light, you go take a picture of the magic dust. May it be sprinkled far and wide.

A shot in the dark

Sometimes old things look new again when seen in a different light. Or no light, as the case may be. 

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 1: Fresh}

After some consideration, those of us over at Who We Become have found that the Artistry discussion has taken a turn for the verbal and our weekly shooting collaboration is falling by the wayside as a result. We have therefore decided to shift/consolidate our Artistry discussions into monthly posts and revamp our 52 week project with a fresh start: P52.3: Perspectives. As in the past, we will each post to our collective mosaic. Our images will be anchored by a single adjective - individual voices, unified around a common theme.

For our first Perspectives post, please head over to Who We Become. My take on Fresh this week is inspired by the very first hints of Spring we are finally feeling around here. 

Capture the Moment

I am very excited to have contributed two images to a new photography book called Capture the Moment, by Clickin Moms CEO Sarah Wilkerson. The pages are filled with beautiful photography and I am proud to be a part of this project.

One of my shots features a certain someone who was excited to find his face in this book. A little older and onto a second hat, but those eyes haven't changed a bit.

The best part is, not only is the book a beautiful teaching tool, but 100% of the proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House. Available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Go check it out!


"The paintings were good, but I'm more of a sculpture kid."