75 Days of Summer - Day 13 - Arches National Park

I have high hopes of catching up on my posting soon, because the number of photos taken on Day 13 may equal the total number of photos I have taken in the subsequent two weeks. My desire to go to bed has won out over my desire to further whittle these down, so without further ado: far too many pictures of our day in Arches National Park - I think I liked the crazy clouds almost as much as the amazing geology. Gorgeous, fun and at times a little sweaty. Once again, our troopers trooped most successfully and I can't recommend this area of the world enough. 

P52.3: Perspectives {Week 16 - Kaleidoscopic}

I'm a little behind in my editing, though the 75 Days of Summer project continues uninterrupted. However, some fun in the water (on Day 26) felt appropriate for this week's Perspectives theme, kaleidoscopic. I have been incorporating recent P52 links into broader posts, so if you're following our collective project and haven't seen our group's work recently, please do scroll through and check out some of the gorgeous imagery my friends have posted these past few weeks over at Who We Become.

A Good Day

As far as Mondays go, I'll take this one. I was already very excited to receive the press package for an exhibit I am hanging later this week - if you are in the area and have the chance to head up to lovely Rowayton, CT, please stop in! If you are free this Sunday, even better because not only will there be photography, but also wine, cheese...and me! And wine. And cheese.

Then, I checked my email and learned that a favorite image of mine was selected for the main gallery of the Black & White Exhibit at the Photoplace Gallery in Vermont. After a bit of a hiatus from juried shows, when I applied for this one last month, I came away simply feeling good about putting myself out there again. So to learn that I have been included has left me feeling rather over the moon. I am incredibly honored to have something of mine included among this diverse and beautiful body of work. 

I found juror Tillman Crane's statement to be an interesting look at the thought process behind the technical and emotional aspects underlying photography as an art form, as well as the somewhat arbitrary nature of the juried process. It is not always easy to put yourself out in the world and his discussion about selection versus rejection resonated with me as being truthful and universal. Please take a look at the full set of images and see his statement in the link above. 

75 Days of Summer - Day 12 - Canyonlands National Park

The trouble with trying to photograph the incredible views from the Island in the Sky is that nothing can do justice to the beauty and sheer scope of this place. It's also hard to convey how high we were in some of these - the trails were not always easy but our little hiker barely paused for breath (and I tried not to panic while he carefully peered over the cliff edges). While we had a great time in Arches (day 13!), it was Canyonlands that stole my heart.

Here, an over-abundance of photos from our day in the clouds:

75 Days of Summer - Glenwood Springs, CO (days 9-10)

Turns out, keeping up with a daily summer photo project is no challenge...when you're on a road trip. Last week, after a few days in Denver for my beautiful cousin's wedding, we headed off on a family adventure. First stop, Glenwood Springs, and a night at the gorgeous Hotel Colorado. We met with an infatuated turkey, had fun times in the hot springs (minus the camera) and found thrills in the air and underground.  

75 Days of Summer: Days 4-8

It's vacation time around here, so while posting has slowed, shooting has not. Project 75 Days of Summer is still alive and kicking. Below, days 4 to 8. 

Day 4 - Unfocused iPhone shot on my commute home. It still counts.

Day 5 - Vacation-bound. Cross-town traffic makes me cry, too.

Day 5 - The Hotel Air Conditioner

Day 6 - Roly Poly

Day 6 - Artist at Work

Day 6 - The Ring Bearer Rehearsing

Day 6 - Rehearsal Dinner

Day 7 - Tiny Town

Day 7 - Tiny Town has Tiny Benches

Day 7 - Getting Ready

Day 8 - Wedding Survivors

Day 8 - P52.3: Perspectives - Festive 

Day 8 - There are Too Many Kids in this Tub

Day 8 - After the Storm

Day 8 - Happy 4th of July!

One {June 2015}

This little one has been featured a little heavily in the One rotation recently, but I can't help but go with this shot. It isn't technically fabulous, but there is something irresistible about such a glorious mess. Nothing gets between our exceedingly independent baby and her object of desire.  

Please head out to Washington to see what the amazing Krista has found this month, and while you're at it, congratulate her on that shiny new Masters degree she just earned! A woman of many talents, indeed. 

75 Days of Summer

I have yet to undertake a daily shooting project, but have often been inspired by the efforts of my fellow photographers. Recently, the Instagram/Facebook hashtag #100daysofsummer has caught my eye and left me thinking about a) how lazy I am and b) how private I am and, in light of those two things, am I willing to undertake a summertime photography project that will likely center around my family? And, also...c) do we really have 100 days of summer? As it turns out, we do not. In terms of vacation, we have 75. And when it comes to a frequent photography project, that is probably for the best.

I won't guarantee a daily post, though I will plan to shoot daily and I will guarantee more personal shots for the time being. In any case, I am going to give the project the old college try. We will have adventures, excitement and a lot of time on the playground. Kicking off with days 0-3. 


Summer Vacation Day 0 - Last Day of Kindergarten!

Summer Vacation Day 1 - A Boy and His Books

Summer Vacation Day 1 - Why Walk When You Can Climb?

Summer Vacation Day 1 - "I'm playing race car driver with my sister."

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Up Past Bedtime

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Not High Enough

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Because Nothing Says 40th Anniversary Like Dinner and the Playground

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Monday Morning at the Diner

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Bubbles and Superheroes

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Tree Hunters

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Ignoring Mom

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Flora & Fauna

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Hands Free

p52.3 - Perspectives - The High Bridge {week 10: layered}

The dad in our household is excellent at scouting out fun and slightly random adventures for us to go on. This weekend, we went on two. The first, seen here, is our trip to the newly reopened High Bridge, way uptown. The second, captured only on film, will have to wait.

Our theme at Who We Become this week is Layered, which seemed very appropriate when viewing the city from on high and at a distance.  Please click on over to our collection and see everyone's take this week! 

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 9: Disheveled}

Perhaps the most disheveled thing around here this week is me - we had a busy and wonderful weekend doing some celebrating in our family and I'm still recovering. But someone else got a little disheveled too, after being smothered in kisses by her favorite pup. A bath was required by the time this encounter was over.

Please head over to Who We Become to check out this week's collection.  

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 8: Textured}

There is a transition period when you see your baby turning into a child. It starts off gradually, but then becomes an avalanche. New words, new skills and a new way of interacting. Yesterday, she stood and watched a torrential downpour, fascinated, then hid in my arms in fear when the thunder rolled in. She's taking in the world and making it her own. 

Please stop in to see our "textured" collection on Who We Become this week. 

One {May 2015}

Incredibly, this month's one post is already here. What can I say, I like stripes. Please continue on to the Pacific Northwest to see what my amazing friend Krista has found this month. 

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 4: Translucent}

I went to Chicago last weekend and brought my 35mm film camera with no auto focus because I want to force myself to shoot more film/like to torment myself, as you wish. More images to come, but I liked the light shimmering through the spring trees for our translucent theme this week. Go check out Who We Become, it's such a fun collection this week!

Fujicolor Superia 800