p52.2 Framed {Week 29} - Mid Key

Nailing down definitions for our month of tonality has proven tricky - especially this week as we turn to mid-key. While we know it when we see it, it is a bit hard to describe. My take: a pleasing, mid-range palate that lacks the overall brightness of high key and the drama and shadows of low key but that isn't so uniform as to obscure the subject or wash out the image. I think mid-key can be gorgeous, with rich jewel tones and textures, even though I prefer them in color.

My image this week doesn't have an obvious subject, but I played around in the bright sun and liked the feel of this out of focus shot of Madison Square Park.  To me, it captures the urban environment and the impression of warmer weather with colors more than form. However, my mother mentioned that she "not a fan" of blurry images so perhaps it is not for everyone.  :)

Please head over to Who We Become to see everyone's work this week! 

p52.2 Framed {Week 28} - Low Key

This week on P52.2 Framed, we continue to use lighting techniques to add mood to our compositions. Low key lighting emphasizes darks and shadows, giving a dramatic or contemplative feel to an image. While the technique is a favorite of mine and makes for beautiful shots, this week's exercise demonstrates how much more of an impact low key lighting can have when the mood of the subject matches the tonality of the image.

And yes, there was also a hair cut.

Please pop over to Who We Become to see everyone's work this week!

P52.2 Framed {Week 27} - High Key

Merriam-Webster defines "composition" as "the way in which something is put together or arranged : the combination of parts or elements that make up something."

This month over at Who We Become, we are taking a step back from the more physical elements of our compositional study and focusing on other elements in the frame: creating mood. For week one, we are using high key lighting techniques to set the scene.

Examples of a high key technique can often be found in commercial work - bright images that have few mid-tones and even fewer shadows. Photographers may use this technique to create a sense of cheer or playfulness, or evoke feelings of youth. For my shots below, I think the brighter background and haziness of the light results in a dreamy effect and keeps the focus on my sweet subject enjoying a taste of Spring sunshine. 

Please click over to Who We Become to see everyone's images this week - the bright palate is striking.

One {March 2014}

March was a big month, and this time around I can't help but break the One shot rule. It's our first month as a family of four and I just can't bring myself to leave either kid out. The big guy is climbing the walls while the little lady is just starting to wake up. 

Please take a spin around our One circle to see what has touched the hearts of my dear friends this month, starting with Jessica Remus, who deserves much respect after riding out a rough Chicago winter.

P52.2 Framed {Week 26} - Halfway Point/Photographer's Choice

While I haven't made it back to the streets yet, I have made it to the playground where there are signs of Spring on the horizon. Tentative (and wet) but I have hope. 

Those of us over at Who We Become are now at our halfway point in our second 52 week photography project. Please click on over to see what everyone chose during their "free" week and take a peek around. We've updated the site to include images and information on our first year's Project Light as well as our composition-focused posts from this year. 

P52.2 Framed {Week 25} - Conceptual Contrast - New Addition

This week on P52.2, we are turning our attention to conceptual contrast. Big and small, old and new...there are some amazingly creative examples over at Who We Become. In our house, "old" and new seemed the most appropriate as we welcomed the newest member of our family. Not enough words in the world to describe how much I love these. 

P52.2 Framed {Week 24} - Patterns & Contrast

As March inches onwards, over at P52.2 Framed we have transitioned from featuring patterns in our compositions, to using various concepts of contrast as the underpinnings to our images. This week, we are looking at traditional contrast - light versus dark.

On a family outing to Brooklyn yesterday, I had fun searching for the right light to work with for this week's assignment.

It's a beautiful and dramatic collection of shots over on  Who We Become - please click on through to check it out. 

Jane's Carousel

Streets of DUMBO


Moon over Brooklyn

P52.2 Framed {Week 23} - Broken Patterns

While there is certainly something soothing about patterns, sometimes it is really the break in a pattern that catches our interest.

This week, our life involved a lot of IKEA construction, leading us all to wish for a bit of an escape, both from our home and from our pattern of doing things at the last minute...

Please head over to Who We Become to see some amazing pattern breaks my co-conspirators found this week. 

P52.2 Framed {Week 22} - Planets and Patterns

This week over at Who We Become, we are beginning a new month on pattern and contrast. Our goal this week is to recognize patterns in our everyday surroundings and see how we can incorporate them into our imagery. Be sure to pop over - I have already had a preview of an incredible Senegalese zebra and spiral staircase that are incredible captures for this week's theme.

The camera was not my steady companion this week, so I found myself attempting this assignment during a little outing to the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History yesterday afternoon. I've got stronger examples in the archives, but we did manage to find some lines and circles that fit the bill. We also saw a fantastic show about Dark Matter and took a few shots while in the theater for posterity. 

One {February 2014}

It's time once again for our One shot. Oh, February. I'm not sure this is one I will look back on all that fondly, mainly due to the lack of respite in the winter weather. However, we had two gorgeous days and they fell over a weekend, so I am posting a shot of our little bookworm, looking a little less bundled than usual. 

Please continue around our small circle, starting with my lovely friend Adele and a teachable moment down in Texas this month.  

P52.2: Framed {Week 20}

Over at Who We Become, our focus on perspective is coming to a close. This week, perhaps a more traditional interpretation of perspective: shooting from above.

This particular vantage point is one every parent is well acquainted with and holds a special place in our hearts. And in our household, now that we've got the big move behind us, next up is this little project. Evidence seemingly to the contrary, I can still see my toes. Big brother is not so sure he likes the idea but he has another few weeks to come around.

P52.2: Framed {Week 19}

Over at Who We Become, our look at perspective continues to feature crop ratios - this week, 1:1 - a square crop. Dynamic, inclusive and comparatively small, this is an interesting crop to work with and as I am not an Instagrammer, I have very little practice with the format. So today, I decided to break out the macro and have a little fun. Or maybe too much fun, because an entirely different set of images is being saved for another post. But for now: feathers. 

One {January 2014}

We are kicking off our second full year of the One Circle - six dear friends, one special shot and an excuse to do something together. Behind the scenes we are also embarking on an artist study and a few other projects but how those will be featured remain to be seen. For my One shot this month, there are actually two, but of the same moment.

I had a great visit with one of my oldest and dearest friends today, and as she conversed with my son over why, if he likes eggs and likes rice, he might have also enjoyed the fried rice they made to celebrate Chinese New Year at pre-school (he begs to differ), she noted that it was the Year of the Horse. This I knew. However, apparently the last few years have been water signs and the Horse is a dry sign, of wood or of the earth, which means this may be a year of great movement or activity. This seemed appropriate, given that after ten years in our old apartment, we have officially moved to a new location in the city. I love our new home but it does not have the views of the old digs, so I was thrilled that, on one of our last nights there, the clouds broke and I got to enjoy one final spectacular sunset. The images do it no justice but this little farewell will remain close to my heart. 

Stacey Leece VukeljLG2A8728001.jpg
Stacey Leece VukeljLG2A8736002.jpg

Please continue around our little circle to see how my sweet friends are starting off the new year, starting in Chicago with the ever talented Jessica Remus! And if these seem to be a bit of an odd shape, they were shot in keeping with my P52 goals of playing with aspect ratios - you can read more about this in my next post.

P52.2: Framed {Week 17}

Over at Who We Become, we are closing out our month on specialty lenses. I have to admit, I did not get as creative as my fellow participants this week. However, I did bring out a telephoto lens for some fun in the snow - I am more of a wide angle person, so it was fun to experiment with action shots on a longer lens and be able to see the expressions on the kids' faces so clearly. This was my kiddo's first time on a sled...I'm pretty sure he liked it.