Rainy Days are Here Again

It's been a little quiet around here, with the gallery show and some unfortunate computer issues slowing me down. However, I got out for a little shooting in the rain today with my favorite sidekick and thought I'd share a few from our walk.

Oresman Gallery Exhibit 2015!

Hello! I am so excited to be presenting a new body of work with my friend and co-exhibitor Justine Knight at the Oresman Gallery this month. This year, our exhibit showcases some of our travel photography as well as a few local favorites. Thank you so much to the Oresman Gallery for inviting us back!

For anyone in the area, we will be hosting a casual and kid-friendly reception at the Library this Saturday, January 10th. We hope to see you there!

One {December 2014}

2014 has been a year of whiplash - incredible joys and shocking lows, all rolled into a twelve month period. I am excited to ring in 2015 in less dramatic fashion, though I do have high expectations from a photography standpoint.

After taking an informal step back these past few months, I am leaping into the new year with a gallery show, an exciting return to a challenging 52 week collaborative project (more on that soon) and a renewed desire to get behind the camera to document more than my personal world. You may notice a bit of a facelift on the site itself - a work in progress, but the sleek new look is the work of Nick Norwood. He's a talent and a pleasure to work with.

As always, I am grateful for the love and friendship of my amazing "One" circle participants, as they offer support on matters ranging from the camera to the heart and everything in between. And speaking of the heart, it was this perfect moment between my son and my sister - imperfectly captured in a dark restaurant earlier in the month - that stole mine for this post. 

Please head out to Washington to see how my dear friend Krista is closing out the year and continue around our small circle. Wishing you a happy and wonderful New Year!

One {November}

As this month draws to a close, I am taking a long grateful moment to hold the ones I love a little closer to my heart. Which, yes, means babies on the blog.

And speaking of loved ones, please pay a visit to my beloved friends as we take one more step towards closing out our One Circle this year, starting with the amazingly talented Jessica Remus in Chicago. 

Hiatus 1

We are gearing up for our next project over at Who We Become, but rather than let our perfectly lovely collective blog grow moldy until the new year, we will be posting a hiatus project. There is no theme, no rhyme or reason, just images that we want to share. 

For my first hiatus post, this solitary figure caught my eye as evening fell. Please head over to the blog to see what the rest of our group has seen recently.

One {October 2014}

We've had Something Wicked This Way Comes weather these past few days, but overall it has been an unseasonably warm October. Someone turned five in our house, and we've seen lots of kids and pumpkins and costumes and fun family moments. And yet, I did manage to sneak out for some time on my own here and there. My one shot this month is of a dear friend as we headed home past curfew one night. While we aren't riding the carousel backwards, we can still be young at heart. 

Please hop over to my most incredible friend, Sarah Zalan. She's been quiet this month so I can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeve. 

One {September 2014}

Incredible to think that September has already blown by, but here we are. I had a lot of "one" moments this month - a small boy who started kindergarten and learned to ride a bike on his own, a sweet baby who started eating "solid" food and sitting up,  a little time with loved ones in a beautiful place far from home, a return to the working world and all the surrounding logistics, some fun time with family as my father kicked off his retirement...September has been full.

However, I do not have a single image that encapsulates all of those things, and so I'm choosing something else entirely for my One shot. I don't even know if I like this image very much, but I keep coming back to it. I was playing around with shutter speed when out near an abandoned pier on the west side and created some "ghosts." It seemed oddly appropriate, since not far from this spot is where the RMS Carpathia docked after rescuing survivors from the shipwrecked Titanic. 

Please head out to Colorado and see what my beautiful friend Sarah Zalan has seen in her journeys this month, then continue around our small circle!

Photo 52.2: Framed {Week 52}

And...scene! Another year of shooting, another year of collaborating with friends, another year of photography. Participants in Photo 52.2: Framed are closing out the project with a personal favorite from the year. Mine is a new shot and is not a favorite of the year, or even the week, but simply a favorite image I took today. It is a reminder to enjoy the city I live in; the city I love. 

We have some new ideas over at Who We Become and we hope to get them up and running in the next month or two. It is exciting to embark on a continued collaboration with my talented and generous friends - especially one that feels a bit different from our more technical goals of the past two years - and we hope we can convince you to come along for the ride.

Who We Become - week 52.