Gold Hope Project

Over the past year, I have had the honor of watching a young man who is very, very dear to my heart undertake a frightening battle. One of my son's very best friends, this tiny guy was diagnosed with leukemia last summer and has been a lesson in strength, courage and dignity to everyone he has encountered. I am thrilled to say that he has the "baby" version of the disease and that his prognosis is superb. After another year of treatment he should be able to put all of this behind him and we intend to celebrate with a party like you've never seen.

But even with the most hopeful light at the end of the tunnel, the road to getting him better has been long, exhausting and lonely for his parents and family.  Documenting memories at a time like this can also be a challenge - with all the pokes and prods and needles and tubes and side effects, at the heart of the matter is a beautiful child, enduring the incomprehensible. I have been thrilled that his family has enjoyed having pictures of their little man simply being a kid alongside my son as they play and do the things that boys do, even if sometimes at a slower pace.

And so, when I saw an opportunity to apply for the Gold Hope Project, I jumped at the chance.  The Gold Hope Project is a not for profit organization that matches photographers with young cancer patients and their families. The images go to the families and are used by the organization to promote awareness of childhood cancer and fundraising opportunities for families in need. I learned this week that my application was accepted, and I couldn't be more thrilled.