One: February 2015

Farewell, February! May you and your icy grip be but a distant memory soon. We headed out West to go skiing this month, and it turns out we fled a brutal bout of Eastern cold and snow while we were at it. Whistler, B.C. is stunningly beautiful, though a little lacking in the white stuff this season - just enough for our little guy to go to ski school and learn some moves. My skills on the slopes are mediocre, so I took an old film camera up the mountain to avoid risking any significant gear. Thankfully, the limbs came down mostly intact as well. My photography efforts were mediocre (note to self, do not accidentally grab slide film without noticing) but I'm happy to have these memories anyway.

Please head over to equally arctic Chicago and see what Jessica has been up to this month. Congratulate her, too, on her feature over at I Heart Faces, coming in March!