One {June}

Oh, June. Days of beautiful early summer (or around here, thunderstorms and humidity), the end of school, Father's Day and daddy's birthday...we bid you adieu. And, once again, it is time for the One.

Over the Father's Day/birthday weekend, we spent a fun day at the Red Hook Jazz Festival, a small fundraiser held in a community garden in Brooklyn. Our son's favorite group seemed to have been the "heavy metal" jazz (new to my ears), which is both entertaining and appropriate, considering his affinity for the "Mai-DEN! Mai-DEN!" hand gesture he has perfected. He stood at the front of the lawn, watching intently and occasionally throwing his fists into the air and dancing a bit. Then he returned to our picnic blanket and settled in to (unsuccessfully) practice the time-honored tradition of the berry toss: 

Please continue around our little circle to the beautiful and, for today's post, particularly electrifying work of my dear friend Sarah Zalan in Denver.  I am so very excited to have a trip planned to see her in the not so distant future!