Artistry - Week 1

I am very excited to announce that those of us over at Who We Become are officially launching a new project.

We spent a year studying light, and a second year focused on compositional techniques. In this third year, we are engaging in the subject of art and artistry. We will be engaging in an ongoing conversation about art and artistry, while also undertaking a weekly shooting project. While these were originally going to be one and the same, we have decided to split the Artistry discussion and the P.52 - a shooting project called "Perspectives" - into separate parts. 

Our first Artistry theme is Fear. But in order to identify our fears and determine how we may want to address them, we began by discussing our comfort zones. What are the images we feel at ease taking? For me, the image below is a perfect example. It may not be beautiful or perfect, but it is precisely the type of scenario where I am happy to whip out my camera. 

I love low light. My family in a public setting makes for easy subject matter. I prefer a more documentary style to portraiture. I am happy working in black and white. While my photographic fears may be many, they do not involve any of these features.   

Please head over to Who We Become for the kick off post on Artistry. You will find a more in-depth statement of our project as well as a collection of "comfort zone" images from our group.