P52.2: Framed {Week 16}

This week at p52.2 we continue to focus on perspective and lens choice for telling our stories. Wide angle lenses are not always a photographer's choice for portraits, because of the distortion they lend to the frame. However, there are always exceptions to this rule and sometimes the wide angle perspective is just what you need to highlight a feature or matters of scale.

I always have fun using the wide angle on my kiddo because he already has pretty big eyes and a super-wide shot gives him almost a cartoonish look that cracks me up.

Stacey Leece VukeljLG2A8401001.jpg

But I ended up going to the archives this week as well - a ton of vacation photos from last summer sit ignored on my computer but I knew I had used my wide angle lens to try and capture my son under the canopy of the giant redwood trees in Northern California. This shot seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

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