P52.2 Framed {Week 27} - High Key

Merriam-Webster defines "composition" as "the way in which something is put together or arranged : the combination of parts or elements that make up something."

This month over at Who We Become, we are taking a step back from the more physical elements of our compositional study and focusing on other elements in the frame: creating mood. For week one, we are using high key lighting techniques to set the scene.

Examples of a high key technique can often be found in commercial work - bright images that have few mid-tones and even fewer shadows. Photographers may use this technique to create a sense of cheer or playfulness, or evoke feelings of youth. For my shots below, I think the brighter background and haziness of the light results in a dreamy effect and keeps the focus on my sweet subject enjoying a taste of Spring sunshine. 

Please click over to Who We Become to see everyone's images this week - the bright palate is striking.