Photo 52: A Play on Light {4}

A Play on Shadows: Week 4 - Me and My Shadow

When my fellow participants and I first started discussing the details of our 52 week journey, we decided to commit to each topic for four weeks at a time. Last week, as I started to think about my week 3 shadow shot, I began questioning the wisdom of that choice. It was increasingly hard to get an image I was happy about using. But, of course, that is the point of looking closely at a subject, isn't it? To find new ways to think about something and push beyond the easy path?

This week I have been revisiting (or "finally getting around to reading for the first time" if you'd like to be truly precise) some materials on directional light techniques. My obsession with his eyelashes is well-known, so this image is not particularly original for me. However, the lovely lines of the lash shadows and the curves of his sweet face make this intimate glimpse of my own little shadow my favorite image of the four-week series. 

Next up is the exceedingly talented Sarah Roemer Davis. Her urban sensibilities and darling son make for some memorable photography.