Photo 52: A Play on Light {6}

Blinded by the light...

Week six of Photo 52, and week two of backlighting. I am taking a class at ICP with fellow blog circle participant Justine Knight and our assignment this week involved following a stranger and seeing where he or she led you. The images from this exercise generally range from bad to terrible since stalking is not something I have much experience with. 

At one point on my walk, as I tried to put a little distance between myself and my chosen subject, I noticed that after a week of bad timing, bad health and bad light, the sun was creating a beautiful fall glow through the just-turning trees. So I stopped for a moment, aimed my camera upward, then hustled off again so as not to lose my unsuspecting muse. 

Please continue around the blog circle and see what other amazing backlight my fellow participants have found. Next up is the lovely and talented Canadian component of our circle, Kennedy Tinsley.