Women's March on NYC - January 21, 2017

I don't have a crystal ball. I have no idea what the future will look like. But I do know that choices made by our leaders today will have a lasting impact on the world my children will inherit. When I am old and gray(er), will I have to tell them that we rolled the dice on the chance that, despite what science tells us, climate change isn't real and now they have to find a way to live with the consequences? Will I have to tell my daughter that I had more freedom and choice with respect to my body and health than she does? Will my children have to share in my current fear that people I love will continue to be treated as lesser in the eyes of the law or by society, because of their skin, or their faith, or their sexuality? Will I be able to look back and say, we cared enough not to gamble with your future?

I attended the Women's March in NYC today. To anyone who might question that decision: there is nothing more American than to publicly protest regarding issues that are important to me, even if (and especially if) they differ from the people in power. It is one of the greatest benefits of living here, and it is a right we share. It was joyful and powerful to feel solidarity with like-minded people and to truly use the freedom so many have fought for as it was intended. It was also cold, crowded and slow-moving - I am thrilled to have felt so safe among thousands in a very cramped space.

But today was just a day and will be of little consequence without massive follow-through.  And as for the future...the future will not belong to me. It will belong to our precious children. I will do my best to find a role in the long game in order to help shape the future into one that does right by them.

I didn't take many photos today, but here are a few of what I saw, some famous faces and some favorite signs.