One {December}

It's been a year! A whole year of our One Circle - a monthly favorite shot, shared among six dear friends. It has been a year filled with love and sadness, and I think we are all hoping for brighter days in the months ahead. As we close this first chapter of our circle, we once again turn to the shot that pulls at our heartstrings. 

My image was taken after a bit of a rough day between me and my little guy. He is getting so big, and is so articulate, that sometimes I need a reminder of how small he still is. I am not one for resolutions, but I do intend to hang on to the love and the peace I feel when I look at this shot and try my best to integrate those feelings into to my actions throughout the coming year. I wish just as much love and peace for all of you. Happy 2014!

Please continue around our circle to see what my wonderfully talented and funny friend Jessica Remus found to round out her year. The One Circle will be back in January and we have a few new projects in the works, too! Thank you, as always, for following along and we look forward to seeing you then.