Who We Become - June 2016

Summer is coming! This one is shaping up to be a busy one, but after the fun I had last with my daily shooting project last year, I have decided to give my 75 days of summer (give or take, I haven't counted yet) another go. We are kicking off the summer holidays in Italy next week so it will start out on a high note that I won't be able to sustain, but so it goes. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, this smiley person has been asking me to "take a picha, mommy?" lately, so how can I say no? Please click over to our collective Who We Become page to see everyone's monthly pick, or for a more personal look, take a spin around the circle, starting with one of my favorite local photographers, my very talented friend, Julie Mak

One {May 2016}

With my big kid in school and increasingly of an age where he's not so keen on being in front of the camera, the sad reality is that I have far fewer pictures of him as of late. I hope to fix that a little over the summer. In the meantime, the small kid is making up for it. She is hilarious at the moment and very theatrical. Her most recent game is to make sad, serious faces at the camera and then a few second later she's cracking up at how funny she is. See below, then click on over to see Krista's beautiful work out in the Pacific Northwest and  around our small One circle blog for the special moments that have stuck with each of us this month. 

In like a lion...

Spring is (almost) here and with it, a motivation on my part to commit to the camera. In furtherance of that objective, I'm joining a tremendous group of photographers in a new  project entitled Eight Days a Week. Please join us!

These were taken at the beginning of the month, and seeing as it is March, lions large and small seemed appropriate. Here's hoping next week brings the lamb. Please continue on to our next contributor, the exceptional Jill Cassara

Who We Become - March

This one has two obsessions at the moment: her "scoodah and hemmet" and her "rainy boots." Today was not a day for the scooter and helmet but we managed to avert a meltdown when she realized she could wear her rain boots outside (instead of with her pjs as she is wont to do) AND bring her umbrella. While it stopped raining not long after we left the house, she felt rather strongly that the umbrella was still necessary. I had my camera on me, so wasn't about to argue the point. 

Did I mention she is almost two? She's going to be great at it, we can already tell. 

Please head over to Who We Become and see what else my friends have found this month, or take a leisurely spin through the blogs, starting with Julie Kiernan, who just got back from Hawaii and is surely sharing something stunning. 

One {June 2015}

This little one has been featured a little heavily in the One rotation recently, but I can't help but go with this shot. It isn't technically fabulous, but there is something irresistible about such a glorious mess. Nothing gets between our exceedingly independent baby and her object of desire.  

Please head out to Washington to see what the amazing Krista has found this month, and while you're at it, congratulate her on that shiny new Masters degree she just earned! A woman of many talents, indeed. 

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 8: Textured}

There is a transition period when you see your baby turning into a child. It starts off gradually, but then becomes an avalanche. New words, new skills and a new way of interacting. Yesterday, she stood and watched a torrential downpour, fascinated, then hid in my arms in fear when the thunder rolled in. She's taking in the world and making it her own. 

Please stop in to see our "textured" collection on Who We Become this week. 


"The paintings were good, but I'm more of a sculpture kid." 

Artistry - Week 4

Audience, continued. This week, we're shooting for the home front over at Who We Become. Will the grandparents love it? Undoubtedly. Will I love it? Less of a guarantee. I need to be better about getting back to why I got into photography in the first place. When it comes to photographing my family, it's not about the perfect shot, it is about the memories. I also am trying to be better about making sure there's proof that I was there, too. 

Rainy Days are Here Again

It's been a little quiet around here, with the gallery show and some unfortunate computer issues slowing me down. However, I got out for a little shooting in the rain today with my favorite sidekick and thought I'd share a few from our walk.

Photo 52.2 Framed {week 36} - School's Out For Summer

I have to admit, I miss getting out there with my camera. These days, with a new baby and a kid on summer vacation and other things keeping us busy, I am finding it hard to shoot for myself. My goal is to make a return to street photography more of a priority in the coming months but in the meantime, I am going to cut myself some slack and try to ease back into the swing of things by focusing on my small boy/big city project instead. So, if you come across a random woman running around the streets of New York cajoling a four year old to try and look less miserable doing things he normally loves to do in exchange for some form of sugar, while also attempting not to knock the baby tied to her chest senseless with her say hello. 

This week in our portraiture study, our compositions are built around half or three-quarter body shots. Unlike the traditional headshot, the partial-body composition often also includes more contextual surroundings and is a fundamental compositional basis for many classical artists. I attempted some different angles on my happy camper on his first day of summer break and found the partial-body shots angled from above (and below) to be my favorites.  

Please pop over to Who We Become to see what else we all found above the belt this week. 

P52.2: Framed {Week 35}

It's a new month, which means we Photo 52.2 participants have a new topic. During June, our focus within the frame will be on compositional methods in traditional portraiture. For our first week, we are experimenting with the classic headshot. A headshot generally includes just the head and shoulders in the frame. While neither of these would work well for a business profile, they meet the "head and shoulders" criteria and are images of two (and a bit) of my very favorite heads, so I think they'll do nicely.  

Continue over to Who We Become and check out the cuties and beauties featured in headshot week!

One {April 2014}

So far, 2014 has proven to be an action-packed year for all of us in the One circle. Babies, weddings, school, big moves...we are not resting on our laurels. As April comes to a close, I know I'm not the only one who is struggling to find time behind the camera, but find time we do - if only for the most important things. Like a one-month "birthday"! 

Please take a moment to pop around our small circle and see what my other amazing friends have found noteworthy this month, starting with the wonderfully talented Sarah. She has been in the throes of hosting a wedding, so perhaps we'll see some of the fun chaos, or maybe a peaceful moment in between...

One {March 2014}

March was a big month, and this time around I can't help but break the One shot rule. It's our first month as a family of four and I just can't bring myself to leave either kid out. The big guy is climbing the walls while the little lady is just starting to wake up. 

Please take a spin around our One circle to see what has touched the hearts of my dear friends this month, starting with Jessica Remus, who deserves much respect after riding out a rough Chicago winter.

P52.2 Framed {Week 22} - Planets and Patterns

This week over at Who We Become, we are beginning a new month on pattern and contrast. Our goal this week is to recognize patterns in our everyday surroundings and see how we can incorporate them into our imagery. Be sure to pop over - I have already had a preview of an incredible Senegalese zebra and spiral staircase that are incredible captures for this week's theme.

The camera was not my steady companion this week, so I found myself attempting this assignment during a little outing to the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History yesterday afternoon. I've got stronger examples in the archives, but we did manage to find some lines and circles that fit the bill. We also saw a fantastic show about Dark Matter and took a few shots while in the theater for posterity. 

One {February 2014}

It's time once again for our One shot. Oh, February. I'm not sure this is one I will look back on all that fondly, mainly due to the lack of respite in the winter weather. However, we had two gorgeous days and they fell over a weekend, so I am posting a shot of our little bookworm, looking a little less bundled than usual. 

Please continue around our small circle, starting with my lovely friend Adele and a teachable moment down in Texas this month.