One {January 2017}

While people who live in California don't normally choose January to visit New York, my very best friend from college was out for a quick trip with her family this month. A clear highlight personally, and watching our sons "shoot pool" (which, to be clear, is about what we do) was a hilarious circle of life moment. We managed to pack a short visit with fun, laughter and love, as we always do and we can't wait for them to come back. 

Please head out to Chicago to see what Jess found for her 2017 kick-off shot! 

One {January 2016}

There is something unusual about marking the passage of time with a monthly project. Other monthly events - paying bills, attending certain work meetings - are habitual and pass without much notice beyond the flurry of "oops, need to send in the rent check." Which, come to think of it, I DO need to send in the rent check.

But our One Circle is the opposite of routine for me. Not only is it something I have in the back of my mind throughout the month as I go through my photographs, but as we kick off our fourth year of this adventure together, I can look back on 36 images that encapsulate this time in my life and consider the journey - how quickly and how slowly the time has passed, all at once. And at the heart of it, this project serves as a testimonial to the beautiful friendships that have grown with me and helped sustained me along the way. Here's to 2016, ladies. I love you all. 

Please head out to Colorado to see what the amazing Sarah Zalan has found to share this month. She is always able to find beauty, even in the hardest of times.


One {June 2015}

This little one has been featured a little heavily in the One rotation recently, but I can't help but go with this shot. It isn't technically fabulous, but there is something irresistible about such a glorious mess. Nothing gets between our exceedingly independent baby and her object of desire.  

Please head out to Washington to see what the amazing Krista has found this month, and while you're at it, congratulate her on that shiny new Masters degree she just earned! A woman of many talents, indeed. 

One {August 2014}

Summer is coming to a close but not without a last hurrah family vacation. This isn't the loveliest or most sentimental shot from the holiday trove, but my wonderful siblings amuse me always and today was no exception. Please head over to my dear friend Sarah's page to see what captured her heart this month!

One {November}

Of all the things I have to be thankful for - year round, not just during the holiday season - my family is at the top of my list. This guy especially. He is a laugher and a lover and, increasingly, a hot chocolate aficionado. 

However, this has not been the easiest month for some of my dear Once Circle friends. Please make your way around our small circle and leave some love if you have a moment. Next up is Krista, our gentle soul out in Seattle.  

One {May}

I find that my "one" shot every month invariably is one that is close to my heart, as it should be. And this month, it is definitely one that makes me laugh, much like my dear friends who participate in this blog circle each month. The six of us had an exceedingly entertaining conversation the other evening and thinking about it still makes me chuckle.

So for the month of May, allow me to introduce you to our subway superhero/Mexican wrestler/child who dresses himself. This mask was a gift from my aunt  and has been a tremendously fun accessory on the streets this past week. And apparently it also goes well with loafers.

Please continue around our short but sweet circle to see what other favorite shots my dear friends have found this month. Next up is my amazing friend Krista out in Washington, who still manages to pick up her camera despite her current status of graduate student/mom to two boys.

One {April}

April has been an oddly long month, despite it having flown by.  Some things have been wonderful: special time with family, a gradual but undeniable uptick in temperatures, laughter and lengthy dinner discussions led by our youngest, and increasingly very articulate, conversationalist. Other things have been less simple: health worries for dear friends and family, tragedy in the news and a burning desire for a crystal ball as we look to make the right decisions while we drag our feet into the great unknown future. I find myself spinning and stalling instead of propelling myself forward and am hopeful that a welcome upcoming change in scenery will help me shake off the proverbial cobwebs in so many regards. 

For April's installment of the One, this shot of small fry in his big hat simply makes me laugh. I caught focus on the brim of his hat instead of his eyes, but his mischievous expression represents who he is at this amazing time in his life. His impish dimples, plus the fun textures for conversion to black and white made this one a shot that stuck with me, and so here it belongs.

Please take a look at the lovely moment my dear friend Adele Humphries chose for her one shot this month, then continue on the short trip around our small but beloved circle. 

One {March}

Happy Easter! Amazingly, it is already time for the March edition of "One" (debut post can be found here). This Friday we held an impromptu Easter egg hunt on our building's roof - as one does when a backyard is not readily available.  The space isn't quite up and running for the season, as the piles of construction materials in the background suggest, but the bricks and pipes made for some excellent hiding places. 

This photo is a technical miss, but I love it anyway. His expression says everything you need to know about his most recent brilliant idea: the previously unheard of "dessert for after 'breakfix.'" Little did we know, morning time dessert is a) necessary and b) should be served in the form of jellybeans. Thus far, his powers of persuasion have not gotten him as far as he would like.

Please continue around the blog circle to see the touching moment my wonderful, talented friend Kim Lane has chosen to document for her "one" shot down in Georgia this month. 

Stacey Leece VukeljLG2A3917001.jpg

One {February}

Another month has passed already? Settling on my "one" shot for the month of February was difficult but I knew it would likely come from the series of shots I took this particular evening. While in Rhode Island, my camera and I got a bit of a dunking from a rogue wave while out watching the sun go down in frigid temperatures. It's not every day I am at the water's edge to witness such a sunset, and I was not about to miss it, windchill of 6F notwithstanding. I am happy to report, all of my fingers remain intact. 

Please visit my five dear friends who are joining me in this project. to see what their one shot of February will be, starting in Chicago with Jessica Remus in Chicago. Jessica has an exquisite talent for capturing the essence of childhood in her photography.  

One {January}

The One that (Almost) Got Away

Friendship is an amazing thing. It transcends time and distance and beliefs. It brings joy, dries tears and offers support in times of need. I have been remarkably blessed with the friends in my life, and just when I think my circle of loved ones is surely at capacity, a few more amazing individuals show up and I have no choice but to let them in. "One" is a small project I am embarking on with a few of these treasured recent additions. I imagine if we lived in the same place we would have simply found ourselves a bar to frequent, but since we do not, we find other ways to link our lives. 

And so, at the end of each month we will be posting a single image. One we love for whatever reason, perfect or imperfect. One that may have been overlooked or set aside, or simply a favorite that we want to share.  No theme or criteria, just one from the heart.

Here, our little guy was riveted by the snowfall during a recent dinner with my father and my husband. Between the reflections on the window and the darkness of the night, I struggled to capture both his face and the lightly falling snow. Nevertheless, I love the wonder in his expression and the memory of a lovely dinner together.   

Snowy Dinner with Daddy and Pa

Next, please head out to Colorado and see a gorgeous and powerful image from Sarah Zalan, a friend who is a true inspiration to me in every possible way.