One {March}

Happy Easter! Amazingly, it is already time for the March edition of "One" (debut post can be found here). This Friday we held an impromptu Easter egg hunt on our building's roof - as one does when a backyard is not readily available.  The space isn't quite up and running for the season, as the piles of construction materials in the background suggest, but the bricks and pipes made for some excellent hiding places. 

This photo is a technical miss, but I love it anyway. His expression says everything you need to know about his most recent brilliant idea: the previously unheard of "dessert for after 'breakfix.'" Little did we know, morning time dessert is a) necessary and b) should be served in the form of jellybeans. Thus far, his powers of persuasion have not gotten him as far as he would like.

Please continue around the blog circle to see the touching moment my wonderful, talented friend Kim Lane has chosen to document for her "one" shot down in Georgia this month. 

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