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My lovely friend Vane stopped by last week with a beautiful orchid to welcome us to our new home. Little did she know the flowers would result in a bonanza of images as well. It's been a while since I have done much playing with reflections and shutter speed but some of those types of images are among my personal favorites so I decided to have some fun on a chilly morning this weekend.  These were originally intended for my P52 square aspect ratio assignment but I went completely overboard so had to put them in a separate post.

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Photo 52: A Play On Light {44}

We are in the home stretch of our P52 and this month's focus is on the color of light. This is a bit of a tricky topic, because the wavelengths that make up visible light cover the entire color spectrum - the colors we "see" are the end result of an object absorbing or reflecting certain wavelengths and not others, not the color of the light itself.  

Another facet of this concept is when we choose to set white balance using Kelvin. The Kelvin scale essentially measures the temperature of light - whether it is cooler (blues/greens) or warmer (reds/yellows) and tells our cameras how to interpret that light. So, for example, a cool Kelvin setting is useful when shooting indoors because the blues in the setting counteract the yellows in fluorescent lights.  

For our first week, we were on the hunt for blue. I found a blue twilight and a bright blue playground, then couldn't put my camera down once I started playing with sunlight reflected in turquoise waters. I had way too much fun standing in the pool with my camera, finding ways to capture ripples and reflections of sun and clouds in the water and the bubbles. So please forgive the excessive share but there are fun details to be found if you look closely. And when you are done, please travel onwards to my dear, dear friend Kami Chaudhery. In fact, the water shots were taken in her parents' pool while we swam to celebrate her birthday on the 4th of July. Please leave her some belated greetings as you check out her gorgeous work! 


One {January}

The One that (Almost) Got Away

Friendship is an amazing thing. It transcends time and distance and beliefs. It brings joy, dries tears and offers support in times of need. I have been remarkably blessed with the friends in my life, and just when I think my circle of loved ones is surely at capacity, a few more amazing individuals show up and I have no choice but to let them in. "One" is a small project I am embarking on with a few of these treasured recent additions. I imagine if we lived in the same place we would have simply found ourselves a bar to frequent, but since we do not, we find other ways to link our lives. 

And so, at the end of each month we will be posting a single image. One we love for whatever reason, perfect or imperfect. One that may have been overlooked or set aside, or simply a favorite that we want to share.  No theme or criteria, just one from the heart.

Here, our little guy was riveted by the snowfall during a recent dinner with my father and my husband. Between the reflections on the window and the darkness of the night, I struggled to capture both his face and the lightly falling snow. Nevertheless, I love the wonder in his expression and the memory of a lovely dinner together.   

Snowy Dinner with Daddy and Pa

Next, please head out to Colorado and see a gorgeous and powerful image from Sarah Zalan, a friend who is a true inspiration to me in every possible way. 

Photo 52: A Play on Light {20}

Week 20 of Photo 52, and week three of natural light indoors.

More fun with windows. As to who was having more fun, that is up for debate. 

Please continue around the circle to see what else Photo 52 participants have been up to this week, starting with my talented friend and fellow New Yorker, Cheryl Sawyer.