One {January}

The One that (Almost) Got Away

Friendship is an amazing thing. It transcends time and distance and beliefs. It brings joy, dries tears and offers support in times of need. I have been remarkably blessed with the friends in my life, and just when I think my circle of loved ones is surely at capacity, a few more amazing individuals show up and I have no choice but to let them in. "One" is a small project I am embarking on with a few of these treasured recent additions. I imagine if we lived in the same place we would have simply found ourselves a bar to frequent, but since we do not, we find other ways to link our lives. 

And so, at the end of each month we will be posting a single image. One we love for whatever reason, perfect or imperfect. One that may have been overlooked or set aside, or simply a favorite that we want to share.  No theme or criteria, just one from the heart.

Here, our little guy was riveted by the snowfall during a recent dinner with my father and my husband. Between the reflections on the window and the darkness of the night, I struggled to capture both his face and the lightly falling snow. Nevertheless, I love the wonder in his expression and the memory of a lovely dinner together.   

Snowy Dinner with Daddy and Pa

Next, please head out to Colorado and see a gorgeous and powerful image from Sarah Zalan, a friend who is a true inspiration to me in every possible way.