One {April}

April has been an oddly long month, despite it having flown by.  Some things have been wonderful: special time with family, a gradual but undeniable uptick in temperatures, laughter and lengthy dinner discussions led by our youngest, and increasingly very articulate, conversationalist. Other things have been less simple: health worries for dear friends and family, tragedy in the news and a burning desire for a crystal ball as we look to make the right decisions while we drag our feet into the great unknown future. I find myself spinning and stalling instead of propelling myself forward and am hopeful that a welcome upcoming change in scenery will help me shake off the proverbial cobwebs in so many regards. 

For April's installment of the One, this shot of small fry in his big hat simply makes me laugh. I caught focus on the brim of his hat instead of his eyes, but his mischievous expression represents who he is at this amazing time in his life. His impish dimples, plus the fun textures for conversion to black and white made this one a shot that stuck with me, and so here it belongs.

Please take a look at the lovely moment my dear friend Adele Humphries chose for her one shot this month, then continue on the short trip around our small but beloved circle.