One {November 2016}

During a busy weekend away, these two passed out cold in our hotel room and no amount of standing over them on the bed and clicking a loud camera in their faces would have stirred them. They may be loud and crazy, during their waking hours, but they really do love each other in the sweetest way.

To see the rest of our November One images, please head down to the Lone Star State and see what Adele found this month, then make your way around the circle. 

75 Days of Summer - Days 18-25

We packed a few adventures into a short week at home, then I was off for a quick trip to L.A. to meet my new niece! 

One {April}

We took a quick trip upstate to visit Grandma and Pa over Spring Break, where I learned that one way to get a picture of the two of them together is to stick them in a tree where they can't get down. 

Please head out to the PNW, where my friend Krista creates images that are almost as beautiful as her heart.

One {January 2016}

There is something unusual about marking the passage of time with a monthly project. Other monthly events - paying bills, attending certain work meetings - are habitual and pass without much notice beyond the flurry of "oops, need to send in the rent check." Which, come to think of it, I DO need to send in the rent check.

But our One Circle is the opposite of routine for me. Not only is it something I have in the back of my mind throughout the month as I go through my photographs, but as we kick off our fourth year of this adventure together, I can look back on 36 images that encapsulate this time in my life and consider the journey - how quickly and how slowly the time has passed, all at once. And at the heart of it, this project serves as a testimonial to the beautiful friendships that have grown with me and helped sustained me along the way. Here's to 2016, ladies. I love you all. 

Please head out to Colorado to see what the amazing Sarah Zalan has found to share this month. She is always able to find beauty, even in the hardest of times.


Big Apple Circus

Hello, 2016! While I greet you with the best of intentions, I won't insult you by making a bunch of promises I can't keep. 

For example, I am sitting on a pile of holiday photos and should be putting them in albums for some VIGs (very important grandparents) but I couldn't resist looking at a batch of images I took this afternoon. Conveniently, I am attached to someone who likes to scout out fun adventures for our weekends, and this morning he woke up and suggested the circus. Not his most obscure effort, but the kids were enthralled. Although I hadn't set out to create a fully black and white set, the colors ended up distracting from beauty of the lights.

Thank you, Big Apple Circus, for a lovely January afternoon! 

NYC Halloween 2015

October flew by, as indicated by my lack of posting over here. However, we made it out for a little trick-o-treating tonight and I can't resist sharing a bit of the fun of Halloween in New York. Blue Dragon and One-Eyed-One-Horned-Flying-Purple People Eater (circa 2010) costumes courtesy of their talented aunt. 

75 Days of Summer - Days 67-75

Friends, I do not claim to be going out with a bang here, but today, on this very last day of the calendar summer, my 75 Days of Summer project has reached its end.

A few take-aways:

1. I would love to spend my life traveling. 

2. Kid adventures are the best. 

3. It's time to get back into the city with my trusty camera.

4. Don't expect a 365 project out of me any time soon. 

Thanks so much to those of you who have stuck with me through this summer diversion. Your emails and messages kept pushing me forward when I was ready to call it a day. Encouragement with a hint of guilt - a powerful combination.

Happy fall!

75 Days of Summer: Day 56 - The Erie County Fair

At this point, it's really a matter of pride. I shot 75 days of summer, and I will post 75 days of summer. Even if it kills me. And I know what you're thinking - one measly day? But how often does one get to go to a real County Fair? In fact, this may have been my first. We had a blast looking at animals, watching the pig races, eating the most unhealthy food imaginable and riding a truly incredible assortment of rides that go around and around in a circle, designed for people under 46 inches tall. Highly recommend.

75 Days of Summer - Days 51-53

The final countdown is on - only two days until summer officially comes to an end. I have to admit, the failure (entirely parental in nature) to fully assess the true scope of the kindergarten-to-first-grade summer homework situation until a few days ago has left us all feeling a tad disenchanted. Nevertheless, I'm certain we can eke out a bit more fun in the next 48 hours as we race towards the finish line. 

Days 51-53 - the precursor to the invasion of the grandparents.  Per his request, someone headed up a few days ahead All By Himself (...with an assist from Grandma) before mom and little sis crashed his party. A milestone for us both.

75 Days of Summer - Days 45-50

Perhaps my favorite part of this summer project is that I am sharing images that I would normally keep to myself. While I enjoy capturing the sense of isolation that New York can evoke, these personal photographs cause me to stop to consider, and be grateful for, the fact that my life is filled with laughter, love, family and friendship. How exquisitely fortunate we are to be navigating life with these incredible children, and from a moment in time where the circumstances of their birth afford them security and privilege unknown in other parts of the world. The onus therefore lies with us, I believe, to find ways to share this wealth. For what child is undeserving of safety and of joy?

Days of Summer: 45-50. 

75 Days of Summer - Days 37-44

After two weeks of vacation and two weeks of camp, we spent the beginning of August in lower gear. Time for adventuring, some DYI tattooing, swimming, dining and dancing with good friends and a little night wandering for good measure. Lots of pictures, lots of fun.

75 Days of Summer - Days 29-31

This year, both of my siblings up and got married and left NYC for the milder climes of California. So, when one of them pays us a spontaneous visit we are very excited, and might take a few too many pictures. Days 29-31, when Aunt C came to town...

75 Days of Summer - Days 17-22

Catching up on this project is about to become a bit easier. The problem with taking a trip at the beginning of the summer is that everything else pales in comparison upon return. Days 18-23 of summer vacation - our daily ordinary: 

75 Days of Summer - Day 12 - Arches National Park

I have high hopes of catching up on my posting soon, because the number of photos taken on Day 12 may equal the total number of photos I have taken in the subsequent two weeks. My desire to go to bed has won out over my desire to further whittle these down, so without further ado: far too many pictures of our day in Arches National Park - I think I liked the crazy clouds almost as much as the amazing geology. Gorgeous, fun and at times a little sweaty. Once again, our troopers trooped most successfully and I can't recommend this area of the world enough. 

75 Days of Summer - Day 11 - Canyonlands National Park

The trouble with trying to photograph the incredible views from the Island in the Sky is that nothing can do justice to the beauty and sheer scope of this place. It's also hard to convey how high we were in some of these - the trails were not always easy but our little hiker barely paused for breath (and I tried not to panic while he carefully peered over the cliff edges). While we had a great time in Arches (day 12!), it was Canyonlands that stole my heart.

Here, an over-abundance of photos from our day in the clouds:

75 Days of Summer

I have yet to undertake a daily shooting project, but have often been inspired by the efforts of my fellow photographers. Recently, the Instagram/Facebook hashtag #100daysofsummer has caught my eye and left me thinking about a) how lazy I am and b) how private I am and, in light of those two things, am I willing to undertake a summertime photography project that will likely center around my family? And, also...c) do we really have 100 days of summer? As it turns out, we do not. In terms of vacation, we have 75. And when it comes to a frequent photography project, that is probably for the best.

I won't guarantee a daily post, though I will plan to shoot daily and I will guarantee more personal shots for the time being. In any case, I am going to give the project the old college try. We will have adventures, excitement and a lot of time on the playground. Kicking off with days 0-3. 


Summer Vacation Day 0 - Last Day of Kindergarten!

Summer Vacation Day 1 - A Boy and His Books

Summer Vacation Day 1 - Why Walk When You Can Climb?

Summer Vacation Day 1 - "I'm playing race car driver with my sister."

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Up Past Bedtime

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Not High Enough

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Because Nothing Says 40th Anniversary Like Dinner and the Playground

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Monday Morning at the Diner

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Bubbles and Superheroes

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Tree Hunters

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Ignoring Mom

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Flora & Fauna

Summer Vacation Day 3 - Hands Free

p52.3 - Perspectives - The High Bridge {week 10: layered}

The dad in our household is excellent at scouting out fun and slightly random adventures for us to go on. This weekend, we went on two. The first, seen here, is our trip to the newly reopened High Bridge, way uptown. The second, captured only on film, will have to wait.

Our theme at Who We Become this week is Layered, which seemed very appropriate when viewing the city from on high and at a distance.  Please click on over to our collection and see everyone's take this week!