75 Days of Summer - Days 18-25

We packed a few adventures into a short week at home, then I was off for a quick trip to L.A. to meet my new niece! 

One {March 2016}

It was hard to choose what to use for this month's One circle - we had a 2nd birthday and Easter Eggs and a lot of scooting...but this lovely Good Friday in Central Park resulted in my favorite photos. We brought the "cape and eyes" and wandered around enjoying the warm weather, eating ice cream, running at the speed of light and looking out for bad guys.  

Please head around to Texas to see what Adele has been up to this month - something amazing from her ski trip, perhaps? 

Photo 52.2: Framed {Week 52}

And...scene! Another year of shooting, another year of collaborating with friends, another year of photography. Participants in Photo 52.2: Framed are closing out the project with a personal favorite from the year. Mine is a new shot and is not a favorite of the year, or even the week, but simply a favorite image I took today. It is a reminder to enjoy the city I live in; the city I love. 

We have some new ideas over at Who We Become and we hope to get them up and running in the next month or two. It is exciting to embark on a continued collaboration with my talented and generous friends - especially one that feels a bit different from our more technical goals of the past two years - and we hope we can convince you to come along for the ride.

Who We Become - week 52.

One {June 2014}

June! And just like that, we are halfway through the year. This month meant the beginning of summer, the end of pre-school for my small guy and a long-awaited visit from the amazing women of this One circle!

I have to admit, I had more fun watching them take in the city than trying to document it myself, but I did get a shot or two. I liked this one - not because it features any of my special people, but because it is of one man, finding an audience for his art. 

Please head out to Colorado to see what my incredible friend Sarah has captured this month and continue around our little circle!

Photo 52.2: Framed {Week 30} - Split Tone

It is week 30 for P52.2 Framed, and our final week on utilizing tonality as a compositional element. After three weeks of using lighting techniques to create mood, this week we turn to split tone color. Split toning adds a color tint to the highlights and/or shadows of an image, while leaving the mid-tones alone. It can be used in black and white as well as color photographs, as demonstrated below. Split tones can have a significant impact on the overall feeling of an image and is a fun, creative technique to employ once in a while. 

Please head over to Who We Become to see our collective work this week - it's a fun and colorful collage!

As shot

Pink highlights, blue shadows

Standard black & white

Black & white with red highlights, green shadows