75 Days of Summer - Days 18-25

We packed a few adventures into a short week at home, then I was off for a quick trip to L.A. to meet my new niece! 

One {June 2016}

One for June: the value of a life. While we were in Italy, I was honored with the task of remembering a beloved man. A scattering of his ashes are dedicated to the rainbow waters of the Ionian Sea. To witness the impact of the loss of one person on a family is painful and powerful - a reminder to treasure life and all the joys and sorrows that come with it. 

The sorry news these last few weeks undermines all of these sentiments, as ones, tens and hundreds at home and abroad have been ripped from their futures and families at the whim of a stranger. We must do better and we must be better. I wish I knew how.

Please continue to Washington and and see what spoke to Krista's heart this month. 

75 Days of Summer - Days 57-66

My childhood memories of summertime spent with my grandparents have stayed with me as among the happiest and most vivid of my early years. My kids are so lucky to live closer to their grandparents than I did, and seeing their special relationships develop (on both sides of the family) is a highlight of being a parent. The joy of summer visits like the one we just had are almost impossible to reproduce in images. Yet, I still try. An abundance of snippets from the trove of pictures I took while up at Grandma and Pa's house: Days 57-66.

75 Days of Summer: Day 56 - The Erie County Fair

At this point, it's really a matter of pride. I shot 75 days of summer, and I will post 75 days of summer. Even if it kills me. And I know what you're thinking - one measly day? But how often does one get to go to a real County Fair? In fact, this may have been my first. We had a blast looking at animals, watching the pig races, eating the most unhealthy food imaginable and riding a truly incredible assortment of rides that go around and around in a circle, designed for people under 46 inches tall. Highly recommend.

75 Days of Summer - Days 13-16

On Day 13 of our summer vacation we said farewell to Utah and headed back to Colorado for the last few days of our travels, taking a lunch break to dust off some dinosaur bones in Fruita before heading to the cool mountain air.

Much of Day 14 was spent on a hike in Snowmass. We rode a gondola to the top of the mountain, then made our way back down. Cue the Sound of Music soundtrack - the views were spectacular. 

We took the more circuitous route back to Denver on Day 15, venturing across Independence Pass to check out a ghost town and play in the snow at the Continental Divide. En route was Leadville, Colorado, the town where my grandmother grew up. We even located her old family home.

As we made our way towards the airport hotel, we stopped in to see my dear friend Sarah. She fed us amazing food and let us help feed her koi. The next morning, with a last wave at the giant stallion sculpture at the airport, on Day 16 our trip came to an end. 

75 Days of Summer - Day 11 - Canyonlands National Park

The trouble with trying to photograph the incredible views from the Island in the Sky is that nothing can do justice to the beauty and sheer scope of this place. It's also hard to convey how high we were in some of these - the trails were not always easy but our little hiker barely paused for breath (and I tried not to panic while he carefully peered over the cliff edges). While we had a great time in Arches (day 12!), it was Canyonlands that stole my heart.

Here, an over-abundance of photos from our day in the clouds:

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 9: Disheveled}

Perhaps the most disheveled thing around here this week is me - we had a busy and wonderful weekend doing some celebrating in our family and I'm still recovering. But someone else got a little disheveled too, after being smothered in kisses by her favorite pup. A bath was required by the time this encounter was over.

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P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 4: Translucent}

I went to Chicago last weekend and brought my 35mm film camera with no auto focus because I want to force myself to shoot more film/like to torment myself, as you wish. More images to come, but I liked the light shimmering through the spring trees for our translucent theme this week. Go check out Who We Become, it's such a fun collection this week!

Fujicolor Superia 800

Interlude in Frankfurt

I'm fairly certain that if you had 36 hours in Frankfurt with one of your dearest friends and lovely temperate weather, you would also spend your time drinking beer, eating at great restaurants and wandering around aimlessly with your cameras while chatting endlessly. I can guarantee that you would also find the old but functional people-lift in your hotel irresistible. A mini-album of our fun. 

Photo 52.2: Framed {Week 50}

It is a little sad and daunting to come to the end of a long-term project. As I nearly cross the finish line for our second 52 week collaboration, I find myself with much to think about, both in life and photography (and where the two meet). And so, our theme for week 50 struck me as particularly relevant because I am feeling very out of focus at the moment.

Intentionally out of focus imagery can be beautiful and I do have a few scattered throughout my portfolio. I love the soft ambiance and anonymity they evoke. However, shooting out of focus images is not truly my style, so in an effort to shake off all that has been clouding over my brain these past few months, I used a beautiful sunset at the Great Salt Lake this weekend to create a sense of softness but with some identifiable focal plane. All of my mumblings aside, at the very least, who doesn't enjoy a beautiful sunset? 

Please head over to Who We Become and see everyone else's perspectives. And since some of my friends were with me in Utah, you may get another look at this lovely scene. 

Photo 52: A Play on Light {14}

Week two of our holiday installment! As you may guess by the relative lack of activity outside the weekly Photo 52 project, I am a little back-logged with vacation photos and trying to get organized for the upcoming holidays. This is my very favorite time of year and we just brought home a beautiful tree this weekend, so it is starting to feel very seasonal in our home. 

However, before I turn to lights on the home front, here is a final share from our trip. This time, some fun with focus and twinkling lights on a bridge in Dusseldorf: left bank, then right.

And a few extra sparkles from Rome thrown in for good measure.

Please continue around the blog circle for some additional seasonal fun, starting with my fellow photographer, lovely friend and mom to four boys, Kennedy Tinsley.

Photo 52: A Play on Light {13}

This month's Photo 52 theme is a little less structured and a little more festive: Holiday Light. My take this week is especially literal, as these are not only holiday lights, but also lights seen while on holiday. Both images were taken last week while in Rome. 

Please continue around the blog circle to see what festiveness my fellow participants have discovered, starting with the lovely and talented Kim DuPree who found some beautiful holiday spirit down in Texas.