WWB - November - In Memory, in solidarity

Our crew over at Who We Become chose November 15 to reinvigorate our collaboration. We plan to share our work with one another and with whomever else might be interested. To see our images this month, please click over to Who We Become for the mosaic, or for a closer look at each individual, please travel the blog circle, starting in Minnesota with the lovely Julie Kiernan

I wish I were kicking off on a happier note. In New York this weekend, people gathered to show support for Paris, as well as for Beirut and all victims, in the wake of recent terrorist attacks. A small gesture, perhaps, but the majority of the sombre and reflective crowd came to show love and solidarity for those enduring tremendous loss. Others had a more pointed agenda.

I doubt that there are ever "right words" for times like these, but I hope that by choosing a path of love and tolerance, any contribution I am able to make to this global conversation will  represent my belief in humanity, rather than my fears for it. 

P52.3 - An Update

A sneak peek at the remainder of our summer fun upstate - my daily shooting project has left me a bit behind in my P52.3 Perspectives postings this summer.  I am mostly current on the Who We Become site, but my updates here have been sporadic. As we all head into our fall routines, there's some catch-up going on so please check back in once in a while as we get our acts together and fill out the ranks again. Here, weeks 19, 20 and 21 - Imperfect, Playful and Uninhibited - links to the site under each image. 


Imperfect - What we were lacking in light, we made up for in deliciousness. 

Uninhibited - I never thought I'd see the day he'd let a bird sit (and poop) on his head. 

Playful  -At the State Fair

75 Days of Summer - Days 32-36

My 75 days of shooting are rapidly coming to a close, so it is with some sheepishness that I present to you...the halfway point of our summer. Including a dating correction since I overzealously jumped ahead in my counting a few weeks back. I do promise you this - a break from NYC playgrounds is in the future if you just stick with me.

P52.3: Perspectives {Week 16 - Kaleidoscopic}

I'm a little behind in my editing, though the 75 Days of Summer project continues uninterrupted. However, some fun in the water (on Day 31) felt appropriate for this week's Perspectives theme, kaleidoscopic. I have been incorporating recent P52 links into broader posts, so if you're following our collective project and haven't seen our group's work recently, please do scroll through and check out some of the gorgeous imagery my friends have posted these past few weeks over at Who We Become.

75 Days of Summer: Days 4-8

It's vacation time around here, so while posting has slowed, shooting has not. Project 75 Days of Summer is still alive and kicking. Below, days 4 to 8. 

Day 4 - Unfocused iPhone shot on my commute home. It still counts.

Day 5 - Vacation-bound. Cross-town traffic makes me cry, too.

Day 5 - The Hotel Air Conditioner

Day 6 - Roly Poly

Day 6 - Artist at Work

Day 6 - The Ring Bearer Rehearsing

Day 6 - Rehearsal Dinner

Day 7 - Tiny Town

Day 7 - Tiny Town has Tiny Benches

Day 7 - Getting Ready

Day 8 - Wedding Survivors

Day 8 - P52.3: Perspectives - Festive 

Day 8 - There are Too Many Kids in this Tub

Day 8 - After the Storm

Day 8 - Happy 4th of July!

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 8: Textured}

There is a transition period when you see your baby turning into a child. It starts off gradually, but then becomes an avalanche. New words, new skills and a new way of interacting. Yesterday, she stood and watched a torrential downpour, fascinated, then hid in my arms in fear when the thunder rolled in. She's taking in the world and making it her own. 

Please stop in to see our "textured" collection on Who We Become this week. 

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 4: Translucent}

I went to Chicago last weekend and brought my 35mm film camera with no auto focus because I want to force myself to shoot more film/like to torment myself, as you wish. More images to come, but I liked the light shimmering through the spring trees for our translucent theme this week. Go check out Who We Become, it's such a fun collection this week!

Fujicolor Superia 800

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 3: Whimsical}

For our third installment of P52.3: Perspectives, the participants of Who We Become went in search of whimsy. After a week of world events that will leave the lightest heart feeling heavy, our theme feels out of touch. However, we hope that our collection of whimsical images will add a dash of light to darkened spirits. 

My images are a little out of character, but when someone asks you to come take a picture of the "magic dust" floating in his curtain light, you go take a picture of the magic dust. May it be sprinkled far and wide.

P52.3 - Perspectives {Week 1: Fresh}

After some consideration, those of us over at Who We Become have found that the Artistry discussion has taken a turn for the verbal and our weekly shooting collaboration is falling by the wayside as a result. We have therefore decided to shift/consolidate our Artistry discussions into monthly posts and revamp our 52 week project with a fresh start: P52.3: Perspectives. As in the past, we will each post to our collective mosaic. Our images will be anchored by a single adjective - individual voices, unified around a common theme.

For our first Perspectives post, please head over to Who We Become. My take on Fresh this week is inspired by the very first hints of Spring we are finally feeling around here.