75 Days of Summer - Days 67-75

Friends, I do not claim to be going out with a bang here, but today, on this very last day of the calendar summer, my 75 Days of Summer project has reached its end.

A few take-aways:

1. I would love to spend my life traveling. 

2. Kid adventures are the best. 

3. It's time to get back into the city with my trusty camera.

4. Don't expect a 365 project out of me any time soon. 

Thanks so much to those of you who have stuck with me through this summer diversion. Your emails and messages kept pushing me forward when I was ready to call it a day. Encouragement with a hint of guilt - a powerful combination.

Happy fall!

75 Days of Summer - Days 57-66

My childhood memories of summertime spent with my grandparents have stayed with me as among the happiest and most vivid of my early years. My kids are so lucky to live closer to their grandparents than I did, and seeing their special relationships develop (on both sides of the family) is a highlight of being a parent. The joy of summer visits like the one we just had are almost impossible to reproduce in images. Yet, I still try. An abundance of snippets from the trove of pictures I took while up at Grandma and Pa's house: Days 57-66.

75 Days of Summer: Day 56 - The Erie County Fair

At this point, it's really a matter of pride. I shot 75 days of summer, and I will post 75 days of summer. Even if it kills me. And I know what you're thinking - one measly day? But how often does one get to go to a real County Fair? In fact, this may have been my first. We had a blast looking at animals, watching the pig races, eating the most unhealthy food imaginable and riding a truly incredible assortment of rides that go around and around in a circle, designed for people under 46 inches tall. Highly recommend.

75 Days of Summer: Days 54-55

For the record, 75 Days of Summer is officially over. After today's back to school pictures, the camera is being given a much needed rest. Plus, I'd like to get caught up on the rest of our summer adventures before fall begins.

Resuming from where we left off: Days 54-55. After a few days of solo time with grandparents, we joined our little adventurer and crashed his party. Like him, we think Grandma and Grandpa's place is the bee's knees. 

P52.3 - An Update

A sneak peek at the remainder of our summer fun upstate - my daily shooting project has left me a bit behind in my P52.3 Perspectives postings this summer.  I am mostly current on the Who We Become site, but my updates here have been sporadic. As we all head into our fall routines, there's some catch-up going on so please check back in once in a while as we get our acts together and fill out the ranks again. Here, weeks 19, 20 and 21 - Imperfect, Playful and Uninhibited - links to the site under each image. 


Imperfect - What we were lacking in light, we made up for in deliciousness. 

Uninhibited - I never thought I'd see the day he'd let a bird sit (and poop) on his head. 

Playful  -At the State Fair

75 Days of Summer - Days 51-53

The final countdown is on - only two days until summer officially comes to an end. I have to admit, the failure (entirely parental in nature) to fully assess the true scope of the kindergarten-to-first-grade summer homework situation until a few days ago has left us all feeling a tad disenchanted. Nevertheless, I'm certain we can eke out a bit more fun in the next 48 hours as we race towards the finish line. 

Days 51-53 - the precursor to the invasion of the grandparents.  Per his request, someone headed up a few days ahead All By Himself (...with an assist from Grandma) before mom and little sis crashed his party. A milestone for us both.

75 Days of Summer - Days 45-50

Perhaps my favorite part of this summer project is that I am sharing images that I would normally keep to myself. While I enjoy capturing the sense of isolation that New York can evoke, these personal photographs cause me to stop to consider, and be grateful for, the fact that my life is filled with laughter, love, family and friendship. How exquisitely fortunate we are to be navigating life with these incredible children, and from a moment in time where the circumstances of their birth afford them security and privilege unknown in other parts of the world. The onus therefore lies with us, I believe, to find ways to share this wealth. For what child is undeserving of safety and of joy?

Days of Summer: 45-50. 

One {August 2015}

I have some faux woes for my One shot this month - an abundance of personal pictures that I adore. So how to pick just one? It helps that my summer project will bring more of them to light, but this shot below steals my heart. It isn't a masterpiece, but it was taken on a "Critter Walk" with grandpa this past weekend. Big brother invited little sis to join in on his special time with Pa...she may as well have been brought up to the big leagues. Our littlest one is deep into the incredible transition from small baby to giant personality and watching the kids' relationship blossom this summer as a result of her growth has been a highlight of my life. They adore each other, and occasionally torment each other, but I hope with all of my heart that this foundation of sweetness and love will carry with them throughout their lives. There's really nothing like a great sibling - I should know, I have two!

Please continue on to Chicago where you might see some more sibling love, or perhaps the glorious shores of Michigan in the any case, it will come from the mind and heart of the always creative and talented Jessica Remus.

75 Days of Summer - Days 37-44

After two weeks of vacation and two weeks of camp, we spent the beginning of August in lower gear. Time for adventuring, some DYI tattooing, swimming, dining and dancing with good friends and a little night wandering for good measure. Lots of pictures, lots of fun.

75 Days of Summer - Days 32-36

My 75 days of shooting are rapidly coming to a close, so it is with some sheepishness that I present to you...the halfway point of our summer. Including a dating correction since I overzealously jumped ahead in my counting a few weeks back. I do promise you this - a break from NYC playgrounds is in the future if you just stick with me.

75 Days of Summer - Days 29-31

This year, both of my siblings up and got married and left NYC for the milder climes of California. So, when one of them pays us a spontaneous visit we are very excited, and might take a few too many pictures. Days 29-31, when Aunt C came to town...

75 Days of Summer - Days 17-22

Catching up on this project is about to become a bit easier. The problem with taking a trip at the beginning of the summer is that everything else pales in comparison upon return. Days 18-23 of summer vacation - our daily ordinary: 

75 Days of Summer - Days 13-16

On Day 13 of our summer vacation we said farewell to Utah and headed back to Colorado for the last few days of our travels, taking a lunch break to dust off some dinosaur bones in Fruita before heading to the cool mountain air.

Much of Day 14 was spent on a hike in Snowmass. We rode a gondola to the top of the mountain, then made our way back down. Cue the Sound of Music soundtrack - the views were spectacular. 

We took the more circuitous route back to Denver on Day 15, venturing across Independence Pass to check out a ghost town and play in the snow at the Continental Divide. En route was Leadville, Colorado, the town where my grandmother grew up. We even located her old family home.

As we made our way towards the airport hotel, we stopped in to see my dear friend Sarah. She fed us amazing food and let us help feed her koi. The next morning, with a last wave at the giant stallion sculpture at the airport, on Day 16 our trip came to an end. 

75 Days of Summer - Day 12 - Arches National Park

I have high hopes of catching up on my posting soon, because the number of photos taken on Day 12 may equal the total number of photos I have taken in the subsequent two weeks. My desire to go to bed has won out over my desire to further whittle these down, so without further ado: far too many pictures of our day in Arches National Park - I think I liked the crazy clouds almost as much as the amazing geology. Gorgeous, fun and at times a little sweaty. Once again, our troopers trooped most successfully and I can't recommend this area of the world enough. 

P52.3: Perspectives {Week 16 - Kaleidoscopic}

I'm a little behind in my editing, though the 75 Days of Summer project continues uninterrupted. However, some fun in the water (on Day 31) felt appropriate for this week's Perspectives theme, kaleidoscopic. I have been incorporating recent P52 links into broader posts, so if you're following our collective project and haven't seen our group's work recently, please do scroll through and check out some of the gorgeous imagery my friends have posted these past few weeks over at Who We Become.

75 Days of Summer - Day 11 - Canyonlands National Park

The trouble with trying to photograph the incredible views from the Island in the Sky is that nothing can do justice to the beauty and sheer scope of this place. It's also hard to convey how high we were in some of these - the trails were not always easy but our little hiker barely paused for breath (and I tried not to panic while he carefully peered over the cliff edges). While we had a great time in Arches (day 12!), it was Canyonlands that stole my heart.

Here, an over-abundance of photos from our day in the clouds:

75 Days of Summer - Glenwood Springs, CO (days 9-10)

Turns out, keeping up with a daily summer photo project is no challenge...when you're on a road trip. Last week, after a few days in Denver for my beautiful cousin's wedding, we headed off on a family adventure. First stop, Glenwood Springs, and a night at the gorgeous Hotel Colorado. We met with an infatuated turkey, had fun times in the hot springs (minus the camera) and found thrills in the air and underground.