8 Days a Week - May

On Mondays, we head up to our old neighborhood for piano lessons. The stroller and carrier are things of the past, because the lesson's spectator is "big" now and needs no help whatsoever. Except she will accept the occasional hand up the stairs from her favorite older brother. Notably, recent schedule changes have opened up an opportunity for a snack stop en route...

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Who We Become - May

"I wanna ride da scoodah hemmet! I speedy, Mommy! I speedy!" Love watching this little human tackle the world. 

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WWB - December - 2015

Full disclosure: I have taken precisely zero non-family related images so far this month. Which is a shame, because the weather has been unseasonably warm and perfect for night shooting. And also because it means that anyone hoping for a glimpse of street photography will have to settle for city kids yet again. Our giant tree will eventually get its own post, so here are a few personal favorites that do not feature the 9 foot decoration in our living room. 

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"The paintings were good, but I'm more of a sculpture kid." 

Shop Local

Local love.

After almost ten years in this neighborhood, Christmas shopping at Domus has become something of a holiday tradition for my family.

This evening we headed out for a little stroll and stopped by to pay them a visit. We were excited to discover that their beautiful tree is already decorated and, as always, treasures abound. 

Photo 52: A Play on Light {10}

Photo 52: Hard Light Week 2

Winter flowers, city lights. When presented with something so lovely, it's hard to resist documenting it at every angle; up close and from afar. 

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