8 Days a Week - May

On Mondays, we head up to our old neighborhood for piano lessons. The stroller and carrier are things of the past, because the lesson's spectator is "big" now and needs no help whatsoever. Except she will accept the occasional hand up the stairs from her favorite older brother. Notably, recent schedule changes have opened up an opportunity for a snack stop en route...

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Photo 52.2: Framed {week 5}

It's a balancing act over here in week 5 of P52.2: Framed. Our goal this week was to create balance in our images using people. In the first image below, part of the balance is simply the sense of symmetry of the image whereas the second uses the figures in the background as a counterweight to my son and all of his "en route to a birthday party" trappings in the very immediate foreground.  It would work better without the scooter but so it goes. This was a challenging topic and one I intend to practice more thoughtfully in the future. 

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