One {September 2014}

Incredible to think that September has already blown by, but here we are. I had a lot of "one" moments this month - a small boy who started kindergarten and learned to ride a bike on his own, a sweet baby who started eating "solid" food and sitting up,  a little time with loved ones in a beautiful place far from home, a return to the working world and all the surrounding logistics, some fun time with family as my father kicked off his retirement...September has been full.

However, I do not have a single image that encapsulates all of those things, and so I'm choosing something else entirely for my One shot. I don't even know if I like this image very much, but I keep coming back to it. I was playing around with shutter speed when out near an abandoned pier on the west side and created some "ghosts." It seemed oddly appropriate, since not far from this spot is where the RMS Carpathia docked after rescuing survivors from the shipwrecked Titanic. 

Please head out to Colorado and see what my beautiful friend Sarah Zalan has seen in her journeys this month, then continue around our small circle!