Photo 52.2: Framed {week 1}

Why, hello. What's all this?  

Photo 52 is back! After a month's hiatus, I am excited to announce that our talented group is kicking off a new 52 week project that I am calling Photo 52.2: Framed. There are a few more participants this time around, so rather than require a pass through a circle in order to see everyone's work, I invite you to visit our new collective website: Who We Become.   

Last year we embarked on a study of light. This year, we are focusing on composition. What do we choose to include in the frame? Where do we put it and why? Geometry, colors, lines, positioning....the list goes on and we can't wait to begin.

 For our first week, we used geometric shapes as a framing element. I can't say I'm leaping with joy at my inaugural efforts but I look forward to wherever this project will take me. Please click here to check out everyone's work in this first week of Photo 52.2!