P52.2: Framed {Week 14}

Welcome back to P52.2: Framed! It's a new year and with it, some new goals. We are delving extra deep into our topics, and for now, this means expanding our thematic explorations from one month to two. 

We are kicking off 2014 with a study of perspective. The first four weeks will focus on the impact of lens choice on the photographer's viewpoint. For today's post, we embraced the wide angle perspective and the concept of inclusion. So even if not everyone has a true wide angle lens. we each shot with the intention of including a fair amount of context in order to tell our story. For a better description, please click on over to Who We Become and see how everyone met the challenge. 

My images were taken on a New Year's Day drive home, just after sunset. I had a play with context using the magnificent George Washington Bridge as a subject. These were taken from a moving car, so it was fun to see what I got without much control over my framing. 

Stacey Leece VukeljLG2A8197-Edit001.jpg
Stacey Leece VukeljLG2A8200002.jpg
Stacey Leece VukeljLG2A8209003.jpg