p52.2 Framed {Week 29} - Mid Key

Nailing down definitions for our month of tonality has proven tricky - especially this week as we turn to mid-key. While we know it when we see it, it is a bit hard to describe. My take: a pleasing, mid-range palate that lacks the overall brightness of high key and the drama and shadows of low key but that isn't so uniform as to obscure the subject or wash out the image. I think mid-key can be gorgeous, with rich jewel tones and textures, even though I prefer them in color.

My image this week doesn't have an obvious subject, but I played around in the bright sun and liked the feel of this out of focus shot of Madison Square Park.  To me, it captures the urban environment and the impression of warmer weather with colors more than form. However, my mother mentioned that she "not a fan" of blurry images so perhaps it is not for everyone.  :)

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