Photo 52: A Play on Light {42}

Week four of directional light is something of a Hail Mary and I'm still not sure whether I came away with a touchdown or a disaster. But here goes nothing.

I didn't take a ton of images I felt worked well with our theme this week and had been debating what to use for today's post. Then, this afternoon, I found myself photographing an impromptu peewee football game in the sweltering heat and in one of the most challenging kinds of directional light: dappled. In the dreaded dappled light, you expose for the shade, and the sunlit patches are blown out. You expose for the bright spots and the rest of the image is extremely dark and there are harsh shadows on faces.  Added to my woes was my lens, a slower, longer focal length than I usually use, and an extremely fast, dirty and sweaty crew of much beloved children. Photography chaos, I tell you.

So, with that lengthy preface, here is a little glimpse into our afternoon in the park. But don't forget to continue on to my amazingly talented friend Jill Cassara when you're done!

Also, the priceless (and over-priced) group shot with a goat: