P52.2:Framed {Week 18}

In our ongoing study of perspective, this week we are focusing on aspect ratio as a compositional tool. Not every camera shoots with the same dimensions so this week we are bidding adieu to the traditional 3:2 ratio that is the default of most DSLRs and playing instead with the ratios you see on medium or large format cameras, such as 5:4, 7:6 or 16:9. 

I admit, having moved this week, my time to get out and have fun with this project was curtailed by the amount of time my poor camera spent in a box. But when an opportunity arose this morning, I tried to use different aspect ratios to capture the height of the windows and the shadowy light on this snowy, cloudy day.  Please head over to Who We Become to see how the rest of my talented friends approached this theme.