Let it snow...

A little fun in the white fluff before it turns to rain tomorrow.

Winter Storm Jonas

As you may have heard, the east coast got some snow this weekend. During the big blizzard of 2015, we had far more hype than actual snow. This year, the news cycle was focused on DC but we definitely got in on the action. The small, cold person demanding to be held put a damper on my photo fun, but here's a look at us vs. Snowmageddon 2016.

P52.2:Framed {Week 18}

In our ongoing study of perspective, this week we are focusing on aspect ratio as a compositional tool. Not every camera shoots with the same dimensions so this week we are bidding adieu to the traditional 3:2 ratio that is the default of most DSLRs and playing instead with the ratios you see on medium or large format cameras, such as 5:4, 7:6 or 16:9. 

I admit, having moved this week, my time to get out and have fun with this project was curtailed by the amount of time my poor camera spent in a box. But when an opportunity arose this morning, I tried to use different aspect ratios to capture the height of the windows and the shadowy light on this snowy, cloudy day.  Please head over to Who We Become to see how the rest of my talented friends approached this theme. 

P52.2: Framed {Week 17}

Over at Who We Become, we are closing out our month on specialty lenses. I have to admit, I did not get as creative as my fellow participants this week. However, I did bring out a telephoto lens for some fun in the snow - I am more of a wide angle person, so it was fun to experiment with action shots on a longer lens and be able to see the expressions on the kids' faces so clearly. This was my kiddo's first time on a sled...I'm pretty sure he liked it. 

Photo 52.2: Framed {Week 11}

We continue our pursuit of lines on P.52.2 this week, this time with a focus on diagonals. I love to use diagonals as leading lines, but had fun experimenting with what other implied or less obvious diagonals I could find that fit the bill. Here are a few seasonal favorites. Please pop over to Who We Become to check out what everyone else has found this week! For anyone new to the project, this year's introductory post can be found here.

Photo 52: A Play on Light {23} - Snow Day

Week two of visualizing in black and white! Emphasis on white - I have a suspicion that I will not be the only east coaster featuring the snow we got over the weekend .  When you don't have a backyard, sometimes you have to go to new heights to get a snowman built. And pay him a visit before bedtime to make sure he's still there.

Please head uptown to see what my amazing friend Jessie Wixon found this week. Her shot this week is absolutely incredible.