Photo 52: A Play on Light {1}

Playing With Shadows: Week 1

The heart of photography is light. Glowing evening light, yellow indoor light, even an absence of light - ultimately, it is the ability of a photographer to see the light, understand it, and decide how to use it that will make a photograph memorable. The successful use of light in photography is an endlessly fascinating subject and one that I am striving to understand better every day. 

With that in mind, I am embarking on a 52 week project with a group of talented and diverse women from across the country and abroad. We have very different lives and distinct styles but share a love for photography. As a means of furthering our growth and education, and as a way to see each other's work regularly, we have decided to tackle the concept of light head-on. Each month, one of us will pick a light-related topic and we will all post a weekly shot based on our interpretations of that theme.  

Our collective adventure is called Photo 52: A Play on Light and our first month's theme is Playing with Shadows. My submission for this week is below. To see everyone else's amazing work, please continue along the chain.

Next up, our talented yellow rose of Texas, Kim Dupree