Onward and Upward


I had the great honor of being asked to write an article on street photography by the ladies over at Clickin Moms recently. After taking a parent-focused photography course with a local photographer last fall that ignited this whole obsession, I was directed to the classes at Clickin Moms as a great place to up my game technically. To now be at a point where they view my voice as one they wish to add to their public image is incredibly rewarding.  

I have met some beautiful photographers, but more importantly, some beautiful people, on this journey. The support, generosity and friendship from individuals who are equally as focused on improving their skills and creating something that speaks to them has been an unexpected treasure. Stay tuned, because I will be participating in a weekly blog project with several of these wonderful ladies starting on Monday and you will be able to link to each of their sites from here. Different visions, one theme - I can't wait to see what comes of it.