One {March 2017}

I'm not sure where March went, but it's well in the rear-view mirror by now. We had a snowstorm with grandparents, we got a new couch, spring arrived...but the biggest news of the month by far was a certain someone turning three! We had a long lead-up to the actual event - months of counting down, in fact - so her special day surrounded by friends and family (and cake and balloons) was a big deal. We love her so much; she's a firecracker who lights up our lives in every way. 

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One {February 2017}

I haven't yet made it through our winter break photos, so yet again I find myself sharing from our back yard. When it's 70 degrees in February, why not make giant bubbles in the sun? This is one of my new favorite images.

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WWB - February 2017

In a belated nod to Valentine's Day, a few of us from the Who We Become collaborative are joining forces to showcase things that we love. Dead flowers don't usually top my list, but one of the things I DO love about photography is how much fun there is to be had capturing beauty in the smallest things. A backyard flower revisited, three ways:


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The Weekender - February 4-5

It was the sad end of an era in our house this weekend. Our old neighborhood haunt, the west side Pony Bar, has officially closed its doors. And while there is an east side location, we've never been and it wouldn't be the same anyway. We've been going there since before kids, and then with kids, and with our family and friends and their kids...sigh. Tasty food, delicious brews and great memories. We got in for one last lunch, then took the kids down to the new-ish Whitney (since we never actually made it when we lived 9 blocks away). Their enthusiasm was less than infectious. 



One {January 2017}

While people who live in California don't normally choose January to visit New York, my very best friend from college was out for a quick trip with her family this month. A clear highlight personally, and watching our sons "shoot pool" (which, to be clear, is about what we do) was a hilarious circle of life moment. We managed to pack a short visit with fun, laughter and love, as we always do and we can't wait for them to come back. 

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Women's March on NYC - January 21, 2017

I don't have a crystal ball. I have no idea what the future will look like. But I do know that choices made by our leaders today will have a lasting impact on the world my children will inherit. When I am old and gray(er), will I have to tell them that we rolled the dice on the chance that, despite what science tells us, climate change isn't real and now they have to find a way to live with the consequences? Will I have to tell my daughter that I had more freedom and choice with respect to my body and health than she does? Will my children have to share in my current fear that people I love will continue to be treated as lesser in the eyes of the law or by society, because of their skin, or their faith, or their sexuality? Will I be able to look back and say, we cared enough not to gamble with your future?

I attended the Women's March in NYC today. To anyone who might question that decision: there is nothing more American than to publicly protest regarding issues that are important to me, even if (and especially if) they differ from the people in power. It is one of the greatest benefits of living here, and it is a right we share. It was joyful and powerful to feel solidarity with like-minded people and to truly use the freedom so many have fought for as it was intended. It was also cold, crowded and slow-moving - I am thrilled to have felt so safe among thousands in a very cramped space.

But today was just a day and will be of little consequence without massive follow-through.  And as for the future...the future will not belong to me. It will belong to our precious children. I will do my best to find a role in the long game in order to help shape the future into one that does right by them.

I didn't take many photos today, but here are a few of what I saw, some famous faces and some favorite signs.

One {December 2016}

Farewell, 2016. When hunting around for my shot for December, I wound up down a rabbit hole of images I have taken throughout the year. While photography was on the back burner for me in 2016, it turns out my camera wasn't entirely ignored. In a liberal interpretation of our "one" goal, here is a collection of some of my favorites, taken throughout the past year.

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Let it snow...

A little fun in the white fluff before it turns to rain tomorrow.


It's been a busy, beautiful fall here, and aside from the pile of images I'm sitting on from our travels, I haven't had a lot of quality time behind the camera. But we have not been entirely undocumented around here. Below, a few favorites from October and November.  

October 2016

November 2016

One {November 2016}

During a busy weekend away, these two passed out cold in our hotel room and no amount of standing over them on the bed and clicking a loud camera in their faces would have stirred them. They may be loud and crazy, during their waking hours, but they really do love each other in the sweetest way.

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WWB - November 2016 - Perspective

I am chock full of imperfect analogies and incomplete thoughts these days, but bear with me. It is very easy to live in a shrunken universe, where the only relevant things in our lives are our kids and our spouses, our jobs and our communities, our paychecks and our neighbors. Good intentions, passion projects, causes close to our hearts, the art of empathy - when it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day, we turn inwards, even at the expense of others. Recently, I stayed close to home, and in doing so, I failed to speak out and lend my voice where it is needed.

As a parent, all instincts point towards protecting my children. Yet, I know deep down that the best protection is to send them into the world as competent, compassionate, thinking people, even if that means teaching them hard things and letting them fly on their own.

Of course, the best way to mold competent, compassionate, thinking people is to be one myself. And so, I will try to do better and be the kind of role model I want for them. In the meantime, I encourage the adventurous souls in my home to find the joy in the unknown and tackle their fears. In this particular instance, in the second-to-last car of an upside-down rollercoaster. 

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Hershey Park, November 13, 2016

One {October}

Earlier this month, we took a trip out to California to celebrate my mother's birthday. It was a nice round milestone, and we had a whale of a week with all of us together. It was made extra special by the fact that it was the first time my kids got to meet their two baby cousins. I have a really amazing family, and my particularly amazing mother is at the heart of it all. She has spent a lifetime showing us what love should look like and inspiring each of us when it comes to being a parent, a friend and a person. We are so very lucky. Happy birthday, Mom. I love you!

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WWB - October 2016 - Iceland

The casual observer of this site may have noticed a distinct lack of activity in recent weeks. While I may eventually try to catch up with my remaining summer images, for the time being, let's assume that is unlikely. In terms of recent events, did I mention that two of us went to Iceland? We DID. The primary purpose of the trip was to celebrate the birthday of an awesome friend, but a few nice pictures came from the travels as well. Here, an Icelandic horse, a rainbow, some casually captured Northern lights (with no tripod, sorry about that) and a waterfall for good measure. 

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One {September}

This year has not been kind to the furry loved ones of the One Circle. This weekend, we said goodbye to our sweet, amazingly soft, beautiful kitty. We adopted her from a shelter in Ithaca when she was a kitten nearly 14 years ago, and after a life of love (or tolerance, when it came to the bipedal additions to our family), we lost her to kidney failure. We could see it coming, and a few days ago I asked my son if he wanted to take a picture with her. He said, "why don't I take one of you with her instead?" Photo credit, and tremendous gratitude, to my big hearted boy. We miss her, she really was the best cat and I hope she left us feeling loved. 

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